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What Cars Will Be Like In 2018

It is only a dream to have a self-driving car. That is what some people think, but in today’s time, the dream is slowly becoming a reality. The idea has been believed by many car manufacturers and they see that it will happen. Soon, you will be seeing more of these cars on the production line. There is a car manufacturer in Asia and is considered as one of the biggest, strongly believes that they can make it happen. The moment that these cars will be done with design and function, then as early as 2018, self-driving cars will be a reality.

Car manufacturers especially the ones that are large car manufacturers have been getting on the bandwagon and is committed more than ever to turn it into reality. The CEO for the cat manufacturers said that they are eyeing the year 2018 to release the car of the future. Every driver will have comfort and safety when they will be riding in one of these cars. According to some experts, these cars are capable of maneuvering over differ lanes as well as differ road conditions.

The distance between each car will not be problem to every driver that is driving a self-driving car. As these cars have the ability to calculate the distance of any vehicle in front of it. With the help of control options, any possible collision can be avoided. With this technology, you will be able to monitor and know the distance of any car. Thus making your decision making a lot easier.
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You don’t have to worry about safety features as these cars have top of the line safety features. The car will have sensors in order to monitor everything around it. When the driver fails to recognize any nearby object, the car will automatically alert the driver. The car will slow down or stop in order to prevent any collision if the driver will fail to act on the alarms given by the car. With this technology, driver and passengers safety is guaranteed.
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The efficiency of overtaking other cars also within the capability of these cars. The driver will have the option to let the car steer without even holding the steering wheel. The idea is still not convincing to some people. They are convinced that it is very dangerous to let the car decide for itself. But car manufacturers say that with the use of this technology, the possibility of drivers being careless on the road will be lessened. Thus decreasing car accidents and fatalities.