‘All The Single Ladies,’ By Rebecca Traister

Single WomenWomen’s Own Adventure offers tours for girls travelling alone, the place you can be ingood company with a small group of like-minded girls. Great refresher on the history of (principally) American feminism and the developments around female singlehood (quick version: extra women are remaining uncoupled, or unmarried, or marrying later in life, and there is no cookie cutter prescription for what any of those situations should seem like for any given woman.

But the technologies that help girls have infants later in life, or on their own if they determine to do so, are sometimes prohibitively expensive—as is the financial reality of being a single mother, even before she elements in emotional and energetic costs.

By our mid 30s, half of my closest girlfriends remained single” writes Traister, who finally married at 35. What she noticed each impressed and moved her: girls in every single place dwelling fulfilling lives as a result of they now not had” to find a husband.

But over the course of her huge analysis and more than 100 interviews with teachers and social scientists and distinguished single ladies, Traister discovered a startling fact: the phenomenon of the single woman in America isn’t a new one.

Interspersed with the stories of ladies pushing marriage to a later age, there are sections on historic figures who loudly and vehemently opposed what they saw to be as a really strict and patriarchal institution (not that they were unsuitable, thoughts) and who inspired ladies to delay marriage, or completely avoid it. Most have been girls forward of their time, the likes of Jane Austen and Susan B. Anthony, who discovered the idea of shedding their identities like this repulsive.