Benefits of Hair Steaming: Making Your Hair Softer, Shiner and Healthier

Hair is a big part of women like us. We want our hair to be the healthiest and prettiest. However, it needs some good care to make that happen, especially for those who have their hair styled often. Hair steaming is actually a process of applying the heating moisture to hair to make it healthier. And, it does have more advantages. Today in this writing, we are going to go through those best benefits of hair steaming. Hair steaming is indeed an effective solution to many women who have dry hair, and it does help a lot more as mentioning below.

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The best benefits of steaming your hair:

  1. Enriching Moisture in your hair: Just like our skin, moisture is an important element to make hair healthier. Because many women do a lot of hair styling in addition to the dry weather outdoor, hair could become dry and unhealthy. That makes hair steaming a few times per week great for taking care of your hair. Moreover, hair with good moisture is healthier and stronger while it promotes growth so well. This maintains the beauty of your hair. In case that you want to apply certain products on your hair, the moisture your hair gets from steaming will allow it to absorb the ingredients of those products very well. That makes it more effective to make your hair simply more beautiful.
  2. Reduce Breakage and Hair Loss: Of course, hair loss is a terrifying experience for women. It is so scary to see our hair healthy and thinner. Actually, our hair loss and regrowth happen by its nature. Nonetheless, it is a problem when there is no balance, and it loses more than it regrows. That happens to many women, and breakage is a part of that unhealthy hair conditions women would not want it to happen with theirs. With this problem, hair steaming could help a lot. Simply, it makes your hair healthier and livelier.
  3. Refreshing the curl: In many of the times, hair curling will happen when your styling involves the pattern. And, soon you will want to style in it in a different way. That is why refreshing the curl is needed. That is also when hair steaming helps so much. Hair steaming does not only provide more moisture to hair, it gives conditioning that allows itselves to be soft while easily straighten again. Normally, if you live in a dry environment, it would be even more important to have your hair curl refreshed before you can do anything else to it.
  4. It simply Helps to Clean Up. Dirt that might happens because of the hair products you have used or the dirty environment out there makes your hair unhealthy. On the other hand, the warmth moisture coming out from hair steamer will help clean up those very well. Once your scalp is healthier, your hair is also healthier. It is simply another way of cleaning up and taking of your hair health.

When and How Often You Need a Hair Steaming

This mainly depends on a few factors. One of them is your hair condition. If your hair is already in a good condition, you might only need to steam it a few times a week to maintain its good health and look while if not, you will know you need more than that. You could simply start to steam your hair and keep an eye on it, and you will know if you need to do it more. The second reason is your time. Everyone is so busy, and there is not a must-rule that you have to do in a certain amount of times per week. For some women, they have their hair steamed only when they find it very dry. That is also a good practice to those. Therefore, the best thing you can do is what your experience will tell you.

Types of Hair Steamers to Get:

If you are going to find the best hair steamer you may check out the review of various best hair steamer products available out there. However, there are generally three types of them to know.

  1. Handheld Steamer: this is a smallest design type, and it is extremely portable which you can use at home or even during your trip. And for sure, it is cheaper than the other two types. To many women, they find this very convenient to use while it is also powerful to create the steam to serve their hair. It is a lovely one indeed for those who like good portability. The one problem is it has smaller tank that stores less water. Thus, if you want to steam your hair for a longer time, you might need to refill it often.
  2. Tabletop Hair Steamer: This is bigger in size to the Handheld steamer, and like it name says, this type of hair steamer is placed on the top of the table. It has a cover, and that is the area where heating steam is produced to serve your hair. This type of hair steamer is best for home use. It is smaller and does not need much of installation and space to store like that of the hooded hair steamer. It has a big tank to let you steam your hair up to 15 or 20 minutes without refilling. The size of the tank depends on the model you get.
  3. Hooded Hair Steamer: This is the last type, and it is often called a professional salon hair steamer. It is bigger and more powerful in terms of producing steam, and as the name tells, this is best for use in salon for a professional hair styling. If you would like one to use at home by yourself, you can either consider the handheld hair steamer or the tabletop hair steamer. In case you want one for use in your Salon, the hooded hair steamer is instead the best.