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Immigration bonds are a way for illegal immigrants to bail themselves out and avoid jail time, should they be arrested by the immigration officer. This type of bond is just like any other bail bonds since they serve as an assurance that the individual who has been charged and arrested for legal violation, will surely appear in the court assigned to them.

For most immigrants who have been charged as illegal aliens and are subject for detention, they would prefer putting up an immigration bond to ensure that they are not put in custody while waiting for the court’s verdict on the case against them – since whatever it is that they are charged with would still apply even though they are on bail. Also, the value or amount of the bond must be sufficient enough to force the defendant to wait and appear in court once the deliberation is over, it should be good enough to force him to face whatever is in store for him when it comes to other immigration proceedings. Furthermore, he must also prove that he would not be a danger to anyone at all in case he does get released, and would appear in all proceedings should his presence be required.

In situations involving foreign criminals, an immigration bond is the most common bond they would often file; but securing this kind of bail can be quite difficult and costly, thus needing the assistance of professional bondsmen to file and process. Securing an Immigration bond is highly needed for foreigners accused of crime and needs to be brought to court, for they see it as a way to still maintain and enjoy their freedom while their case is being deliberated upon.
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However, it does not mean that any alien who have filed for an immigration bond will be granted for it, in some cases it is possible to get denied if you have any other criminal charges in the past pending or otherwise, have been previously ordered to be deported, or if you pose a risk to the local community; if all these applies then expect that you will not be granted to file for bail at all.
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Filling for bail bond is the shortest way to avoid any potential jail time, or cut the amount of time spent in detention by half or at least drastically, but it does not automatically mean that the foreign individual will not end up being deported back to his country.