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The Standard Procedures Performed in Annual Physical Pet Exams Is it really necessary to bring your pet to a certain vet for a checkup? Are you having second thoughts with regards to the things that the vet will do to your pet? If you are not really acquainted on what will happen, worry not for this article will give you an insight on the tings to expect during your pet’s annual examination. It helps you determine whether your pet is not feeling well or they are healthy. The information below will delve on the standard procedures that veterinarians do during the annual physical exam for your pets: Checking of Temperature The first thing that most vets do is obtain the temperature of your pets. If you have a pet dog or cat, you must know that the normal temperature of cats and dogs fall in from 100 to 102.5 degree Fahrenheit. Signs of pet ailments are not often shown physically that is why vets often obtain their temperature to know if they are feeling some sort of sickness and they need further examinations.
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Checking of Your Pet’s Skin and Fur
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One of the best ways to determine the wellbeing of your pet is by looking through its skin and fur, if is the skin is clean and coat is shiny then more likely the pet is in good condition. If the coat or skin is dry and fur keeps falling off then this also helps vets identify possible causes of the latter. More likely vets would advise pet owners to go for a meat-based diet if the skin of their pets doesn’t look healthy. With just a couple of weeks to endure, the skin of your pet will look much better. Checking for Possible Ear Problems Vets can easily tell if there is something wrong with your pet’s ears by examining the skin and if there are wounds. Ears must be free from dirt and it should not be dry and smelly. Ear infection and allergy can be easily detected with those things mentioned earlier. But of course ear infection will usually begin in the ear canal. This is where regular checkup come in handy since vets will be able to detect the onset of ear infection and will be able to prevent it from getting worse more so this saves you the possibility of spending significant amount of money for your pet’s medication. If they have any ear problems, vets will usually prescribe some medications to alleviate their condition as well as guide you with the proper methods in cleaning their ears. Checking of the Eyes The eyes of your pet is one of the sensitive parts that requires grave attention that is why vets usually check the interior structure of your pets’ eyes. Although pets don’t usually experience eye problems still becoming cautious and proactive is necessary. The most common eye problem that pets experience is eye irritations cause by dust, pollen or grass.