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The Importance of Implementing the 5S Lean Management

The 5S process is used in any lean manufacturing implementation. You can apply this in a manufacturing environment, in office processes, or within any service industry. Using 5S lean management has many benefits. Building a business improvement philosophy requires the implementation of 5S lean management.

The results of using 5S lean management include a workspaces that are clean, ergonomically arranged, efficient, and can give outputs that are repeatable and of good quality. You can do this process in 5 stages, each step beginning with the letter S.

5S lean management is an ongoing process of improvement. This does not mean that before a customer visits, you tidy up everything. 5S lean management is not implemented if you still have to clean up before visits.

5S lean management has significant benefits. You can achieve great efficiency with this process. There are many reasons why you gain in efficiency. Efficiency stem from other benefits derived from 5S lean management implementation.

In the first stage of 5S lean management, you remove everything that is unnecessary in a work area; you also remove the waste of waiting and motions since you can easily find items and you don’t have to rummage through unnecessary clutter.

The second stage of 5S places all components, equipment tools, and machines in the most ergonomic and efficient position. Wastes in manufacturing can be eliminated in this way. Searching for things is something that operators done need to do. If you want to have things immediately on hand, then you can use shadow boards and clean visual identification. In order to make handling easier, items are placed where near where they are to be used and the height and orientation are very ergonomic.

Thirdly, the workplace remains clear of clutter. When there is no clutter, it is easy to spot signs of malfunction which leads to action taken to prevent more serious breakdowns and delays.

In the fourth stage, standardization is involved. Standard ways of working are established. It makes sure that everyone uses the most efficient work method and that there are clear standards. With this, delays are prevented. It also prevents defects and other wasteful occurrences. Having the right tools at the right places, having correct methods and standards, and having a motivated workforce is the reason for having a more efficient and less wasteful working environment. The visual aspect of management manifests itself by people seeing problems easily like missing things, misplaced things, and others.

The last stage of the 5S lean management includes ensuring that this continues on an ongoing basis. This makes everyone responsible for it. It ensures that you continue to challenge what you do. The constant involvement of your staff can help make improvements. You environment can then help sell your company.

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