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Safety Tips for Demolition

In the demolition industry, companies do more than blowing off buildings randomly. Safety and efficiency are critical when it comes to designing the demolition process. The demolition process can vary depending on the demolition company. It is important for the demolition design to create a precise and efficient result.

The scope of demolition services reaches the residential, commercial and industrial properties and buildings. Any property less than three stories can be considered a residential demolition. It can last less than a day with the use of excavators, bulldozer, cranes and simple construction equipment to finish the job. On the other hand, commercial and industrial demolition would involve heavier and larger machinery to complete the job. Wrecking balls and safety explosives are common in these larger demolition projects.

Regardless of the demolition project classified as residential, industrial or commercial, contractors follow the same set of safety precaution and outline of the project. Contractors prepare with the clearing and removal of the debris and area then excavating before starting the demolition.
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It basically takes weeks of planning and preparation before the job can be executed. It is important that the design of the structure is considered during the creation of the demolition process. Hazards like copper wire and glass are noted when designing the demolition process to avoid fire or injuries. The location of the job is also taken into consideration. Property implosions are the common choice when it comes to structures in the middle of the city or populated areas. Wrecking ball is one of the most common choice of equipment.
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There is also the government regulation that requires engineering survey and utility location. It is also necessary to coordinate with the local police and fire department as well as medical team to standby during the demolition.

The condition of the building as well as its materials are assessed during the engineering survey. Demolition contractors will base their planning on the survey. Whereas water and electric lines are covered by the utility location. These utilities must be relocated temporarily during the demolition. The first aid team can provide emergency medical service in the case of injuries.

Then the safety precautions are tackled especially when there is a risk of fire or if it involves explosion. In the event that evacuation is needed, police and fire department can assist this process.

The safety and health of the workers must be considered thoroughly by the demolition contractor as required by the local authorities. Planning for these aspects are among the primary focus of the demolition company. The local government must approve the overall plan of the demolition contractor. All of these areas must be addressed as the demolition contractor plan for the job including the safety precaution, method and equipment to be used for demolition.

Do not hire a demolition contractor which will skip some of these steps.