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The Role of Hard Drive Erasing Software

Perhaps as an advocacy, companies that junk old computers when buying new units typically donate the equipment to individuals or institutions. This practice is rather common. But if you’re planning to do the same, are you prepared to give a lot more than the material worth of the personal computer you no longer plan to use? You may not have realized it, but when you let other people use your personal computer, you are also giving them the chance to access the old files you have saved on the hard disk.

Even after deleting all your files from your Windows OS, including the Recycle Bin, traces of those files will always remain in your old hard drive. The process of deletion, as most people know it, is just a way to erase shortcuts to the files; the files themselves are actually still stored in the hard disk, albeit they are extremely hard to trace. But imagine your computer landing in the possession of a pro who can effortlessly restore and retrieve those files you have erased. An expert may not even be necessary, in fact, since there are many recovery and restoration software applications these days, all of which can deliver results in an instant.

Are you comfortable exposing sensitive information, such as your credit account details or trade secrets, and risk their fraudulent use? If not, then you need to wipe your whole hard drive clean for absolute safety.

Disk wiping is the process of removing all data on storage devices, including flash drives, compact discs, and yes, hard drives. To wipe a hard drive means to make sure that all files previously stored in it are removed, such that even the most powerful data recovery software will not stand a chance. The process technically requires overwriting the entire hard drive over and over; and when data are written over, they become impossible to restore. On top of that, the process is irreversible.

So how is it all possible? Wiping a hard drive involves overwriting the entire disk with 0 or 1. What comes next is a reformat. The overwriting process recurs plenty of times, building up the security purpose. That’s why the process normally takes a while to complete. What it’s doing is practically disk wiping applications by overwriting each and every part of the drive. Hard drive-erasing software works to keep your old computer files safe and confidential, just as they should be.

The good news is there are many hard drive-erasing software options in the market nowadays. But of course, not all are created equal. If you plan to buy this software, be sure to do your homework.
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