What You Should Know About Landscapers This Year

Backgrounds about Landscapers

To help you with the landscape and garden needs, there are seven potential professionals who can offer you services, and these professionals are the landscape architect, landscape designer, garden designer, landscape contractor, landscaper, nursery and landscape designer/builder.

The educational requirement of a landscape architect is a four year Bachelor’s degree and may have a higher education of six or more years. To be able to be certified, the person should have an internship of three years in the office of landscape architectural office. The course of landscape architecture is a serious and thorough degree that aims to provide aesthetic solutions to places or spaces that are occupied, visited or seen by humans. The coverage of this degree is broad and deep that involves theory in design, planning, aesthetics, history and sciences. The sound education of a landscape architect can afford the professional to make building codes, techniques and legalities, and he or she can make detailed plans for materials specifications, sizes and others. Landscape architects are not taught with horticulture and so you cannot fully make them responsible as far as plants as concern.

A landscape designer can get a certification through one program or may not. There are various individuals and organizations, aside from educational institutions, that can give programs for landscape designers that would lead to a certification. The job of a landscape designer would involve site analysis, cost estimates, practical consideration in the areas of drainage, elevations and other aspects of designing a sustainable landscape. The landscape designer usually works with elements such as walkways, patios, walls and others that are considered hardscape elements. On the general, landscape designers have a more natural, and less structural orientation compared to a landscape architect.
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A garden designer may or may not have a formal education but is usually well versed in horticulture. They also work with site analysis, cost estimates but not as much as with the hardscape elements. These are the experts that we can call plant people because of their talent in creating attractive planting beds, with various shrubs, ornamental trees, perennials, vines and groundcovers. These are the people that can design attractive gardens because of their devotion to plants and their connections with various plant suppliers. Since they cannot take the huge projects like the architects, it is better that you identify first the kind of job you want them to take before hiring.
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A person who offers contract for garden maintenance, after implementing, or installing your landscape, is the landscape contractor. These professionals have several trucks, various machines and equipment and with a large crew that can oversee the project. Majority of landscape contractors have the capability and capacity to build masonry structures such as patios, walls, walks, arbors and decks, and also irrigation or lighting systems.