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How to Buy an Air Fryer Most air fryers work with the same basic technology and hence have very similar functionality. All of them use a hot air circulation mechanism to cook food, meaning there is no difference in their designs. Nowadays, however, there are plenty of options of these appliances. If you intend to purchase an air fryer, these are key questions that can guide you to a smart buy: How big is your countertop?
A 10-Point Plan for Equipment (Without Being Overwhelmed)
Make sure there is adequate space to store and cook with the air fryer.
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Can your kitchen outlets handle 80 to 1400 watts? It is as important to make sure that your kitchen outlets can handle the 800-1400 watts that an air fryer generally uses. How much food and what types of food do you plan to cook using the air fryer? Knowing the types and amounts of food you will be cooking, is important in your choice of an air fryer. Usual air fryers have a capacity to cook from 1.8 to 2.5 pounds of food, which is often enough for day to day cooking. However, if you intend to use the air fryer to cook a turkey or chicken, you’ll need something a bigger than the usual capacity. What level of control and features do you need? Knowing the settings you can have with the air fryer also helps lead you to a smarter decision. Most can be set up to 360 degrees and are equipped with timers that help simplify cooking. However, depending on the model and brand, they may not get as hot as necessary to cook certain types of food. Some air fryers allow you to cook more than one food simultaneously. Other Points to Consider While they usually cost above $200, air fryers are quite economical as mini fryers. Needless to say, they are particularly useful to those who love fried foods. If you’re one for variety, you’ll glad to know that such appliances are made in a whole range of colors as well. Because it makes frying food a lot simpler from start to finish, an air fryer can be valuable appliance to you and the whole family. As compared to oil frying, air frying greatly reduces your time in the kitchen, from prepping to cooking to cleaning. In addition, air fryers can also make fried foods healthier. Of course, some foods are not only great when fried, but also when baked. Food’s texture is different when it’s baked and when it’s fried; if baking doesn’t reduce the food’s palatability, why not go ahead with it? And here’s the clincher: air fryers can also bake, not to mention grill and roast! Now that’s flexibility you don’t always get when you’re in the kitchen!