Month: October 2016

Discovering The Truth About Makeup

Tips for Using Skin Care Cosmetics Safely

In the US, cosmetics are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, which is an organization mandated to the testing and approval of substances that are meant for ingestion or application on the body. According the FDA, a cosmetic is a substance that is intended to be applied on the human body for the purposes of cleansing, beautifying, altering appearance, or promoting attractiveness. This definition looks at the materials used to create the product as well as the completed product itself.

Cosmetics are categorized as either skin care or decorative cosmetics. While decorative cosmetics are applied on the surface to give an impression, skin care products exist in many forms are used to cleanse the body, skin, and face. Skin care products include lotions, moisturizers, and sunscreens, while the decorative cosmetics available in the market include lipstick, nail polish, eye liner, mascara, and …

The Beginner’s Guide to Cigarettes

How to Choose Vape Products

Probably you’ve heard about vaping and gotten curious to know more about it. Vaping is the act of “smoking” cannabis and saturated wax and oils using a vaporizer pen. Well, it is not actual smoking since the electronic device does not burn the plant matter to produce smoke. The functioning of the vape pen is similar to that of e-cigarettes. The device vaporizes cannabis so that the user inhales the vapor. Vaping improves the lung health of its users, according to most vapers. An average vaping kit goes for about $50. Nonetheless, you need to consider a few points when selecting your vaporizer.


As usual, you need to know how much want to spend on something. The price of vaporizers is determined by their quality and functionality. This does not mean that the best quality product has to be the most expensive. You need …