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How to Lock the Cock: Basic Rules for Putting on a Chastity Cage

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If you want to make sure that you’ll enjoy and take pleasure in male chastity play, the first thing you need to learn is to how to put on a chastity device properly. Proper fit is immensely vital for a safe and fulfilling chastity play experience.

In this light, below are some basic tips on fitting a chastity cage. Do note though that rules for putting it on might vary based on the specific model of penis cage you have, but generally speaking, these basic rules will do.

How to Put On the Penis Ring

Again, putting on the penis ring will usually depend on the model of your penis cage, but the majority of penis cages have a penis ring located at the base. The purpose of this ring is to hold the cage in place and to ensure that it’s secure.

The ring needs to go all the …

Don’t Let Dandruff Destroy Your Image

One of the most common hair problems that many people have is dandruff. A person who has dandruff suffers from embarrassment and a lack of confidence. He feels worse when people standing close by suddenly move further away. The sight of someone with dandruff can put one off. Imagine a person who is smartly dressed but has white powdery specks all over his shoulders. This detracts from his image as a well-groomed person. It may also lead others to wonder at his standard of personal hygiene.

What is dandruff?

They are tiny white flakes that fall from the scalp onto the shoulders of dandruff sufferers. This is very noticeable when they wear dark-colored clothing, and these little white specks stand out very clearly.

These white flakes are the dead skin cells that have sloughed off from our is normal for us to shed dead skin cells from our body as …