5 Benefits Of Using A Corset While Sleeping

The corset is a type of underwear that is generally used by women to form a sleek and ideal body. It is said that the use of this waist trainer corset is a legacy of the customs of ancient Javanese women although today not a few men who wear them. It is made of a smooth yet strongly twisted material while pressing the body from the chest, abdomen, and hips so that by wearing it, someone will look slimmer.

Usefulness of Corset

Users of the corset are usually those who have problems with big stomachs or sagging, wide waist or chest and hipless. In addition to the purpose of beauty and ideal body shape, the corset is also often used by people with broken bones or people with osteoporosis to support the bone and or help bone grafting is broken. In addition, the corset is also often used by athletes to keep the chest to the abdomen when the move is heavy.

Each corset user has a different habit of using this type of underwear. Some use it only when traveling, meet people while sleeping or even throughout the day. Among some patterns of usage, wearing a corset during sleep is quite popular in the community because it has the following benefits:

  1. Flatten Belly and Eliminate Wattle

Pressure from the corset that is used primarily during sleep, will be able to press a distended belly so that the fat in it will be destroyed slowly and the stomach will go flat. The crushed fat will also have an effect on the loss of wattle which can severely damage its main appearance when one is seated.

  1. Give Significant Change

Some cases show that wearing a corset at bedtime can give a significant change in a more ideal ‘body’ body-building effort. Reduced waist circumference, bulging stomach, and loss of fat waves, the more it contains waist and breast. This can happen after the use of a corset when sleeping experienced by many users. That’s why, although not using a corset during the day, many users who never absent wear it when sleeping because the effects and functions really felt.

  1. Effective for Postpartum Mother

The use of a corset in a postpartum mother is already very popular in the community and proven to be effective, slowly restoring the mother’s stomach to the same shape as it was before the pregnancy. The effectiveness and function of the use of a corset for the mother give birth will increase if used at bedtime.

This is closely related to the position of a mother when sleep is not likely to move much so as to facilitate the formation of body parts in accordance with the pressure of the corset layers. However, make sure first postpartum pain, either through normal labor or abdominal surgery has subsided before using a corset. For normal labor, abdominal pain and pain usually disappears a week after delivery while labor through surgery may take longer.

  1. Establish a Strong Sitting Position

Sitting positions determine the image and impression we bring when meeting someone, not just for health reasons. If we look at the host and the guest star of the talk show on television, hardly any of them are bent or unruly. In addition to customs, such a position is also much helped by the use of a corset during the event or while sleeping.

The use of a corset when sleeping enough to form a firm body position so that it will carry over and become the habit of the wearer when waking up and carrying out other daily activities. In addition to beautify the body because it can tighten the thighs, thus, the corset is also very important in change look someone.

  1. Reduce Weight

In addition to the above functions, wearing a corset is also known to lose weight significantly. This is closely related to the pressure of the corset on the abdomen that will make the stomach distressed so that the food consumed will be less than usual. Uniquely, corset users will not feel hungry in such a way that the corset is also suitable for those who are on a diet.