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Unexpected Uses Of Botox. Botox has become extremely popular as a cosmetic enhancement thanks to its ability to reduce wrinkles. Botox has become commonplace as a powerful and non-invasive cosmetic enhancement tool, but few people are aware of its medicinal qualities. Botox is therapeutic in nature as it is used to cure common illnesses and conditions. The brand name for Botox is Botulinium toxin which is usually a by-product of the bacteria clostridium botulinium. The botulin toxin causes paralysis by decreasing the release of acetylcholine, which blocks neuromuscular transmission. Even after cleansing the toxin it has the effect of paralysis. Before Botox became popular because of its cosmetic purpose it was used for medicinal purposes.
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Botox was used to open permanently crossed eyes and mitigate eye blinking and twitching. It has since been used successfully in non-muscular applications, such as a treatment to reduce hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating.
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Botox works through injections to reduce wrinkles and fine lines by temporarily weakening or paralyzing the facial muscles around wrinkles. After Botox is being injected in one’s body, wrinkles disappear and makes the face looks extra big. People now term Botox as a form cosmetic treatment but not as medicine. These are the diseases and conditions treated by use of Botox today. Botox is used to treat Cerebral Palsy, and Multiple Sclerosis. Chronic headache is treated by use of Botox. Botox has shown to provide relief for chronic migraines and other chronic or daily headaches. The number and how frequent a headache occurs that make it to be termed as either chronic or not. Chronic headache will cause a lot of headaches and unnecessary pains. Botox is injected into the neck and head of chronic headache sufferers and is thought to quiet the cranial pressure and swelling that may be responsible for migraines and other headaches. Though the use of Botox does not successfully favour all patients their sides effects are minimal hence is good to try Botox. There is likelihood of having relief for some months since the medication takes 90 days. Botox treats excessive sweating. Overactive sweat glands causes the body to sweat excessively than the normal. Excessive sweating can result to body dehydration ,discomfort and feeling of shame. Botox can be administered to prevent over sweating by excessive sweat glands. Use of Botox will prevent teeth grinding during the night that happens involuntarily. Botox also essential benefits and has no side effects. Other medicinal uses assist to calm the body’s muscles to prevent pain among other uses.